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07 Jun '24

What is the Base Notes of Body Oil?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

When it comes to creating a signature scent, the base notes of a perfume play a crucial role. These notes are the foundation of the fragrance and help to give it depth and longevity. Understanding the significance of base notes can help you choose a perfume that truly resonates with you.

What are Base Notes?

Base notes are the final and longest-lasting scents in a perfume. They are typically rich, deep, and complex, and they emerge once the top and middle notes have faded. Base notes are often derived from ingredients such as woods, resins, and musks, and they help to anchor the fragrance to the skin.

Why are Base Notes Important?

Base notes are essential in perfumery because they provide the lasting impression of the fragrance. They are what lingers on the skin hours after the perfume is applied, creating a memorable olfactory experience. Without base notes, a perfume may lack depth and complexity.

How to Identify Base Notes?

When trying to identify the base notes in a perfume, look for scents that are rich, warm, and long-lasting. Common base notes include patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, and amber. These ingredients add a sensual and sophisticated touch to the fragrance.

Choosing a Perfume Based on Base Notes

If you prefer perfumes with a strong and long-lasting scent, opt for fragrances with prominent base notes. Look for perfumes that list ingredients such as oud, leather, or vetiver in the base. These notes will ensure that the fragrance stays with you throughout the day.

Next time you shop for a new perfume, pay attention to the base notes. They are the hidden gems that give a fragrance its character and staying power. By understanding the importance of base notes, you can make more informed choices when selecting your next signature scent.

07 Jun '24

How Body Oils can be used.

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill
  • ✔LAYER IT UP: Elevate your body scent with our variety of musk oil fragrances for men, women, and unisex. Our perfume oils are perfect for wearing alone or layering with other scents
  • ✔LONG-LASTING SCENT: Our concentrated formula ensures a long-lasting fragrance that lingers throughout the day, keeping you smelling fresh and fabulous
  • ✔CONVENIENT ROLL-ON: Our perfume fragrance body oil comes in a compact .33 oz roll-on bottle, making it easy to apply and perfect for on-the-go use
  • ✔PORTABLE & TRAVEL FRIENDLY: The pocket-sized design of our roll-on perfume oil makes it ideal for travel or keeping in your purse, gym bag, or desk drawer for quick touch-ups
  • ✔HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Our perfume oil is crafted using premium-quality ingredients, including carefully selected essential oils and fragrance blends, ensuring a luxurious and authentic scent experience
19 Nov '19

Here are the notes to some of your Favorite Scents.

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

GREY FLANNEL (Geoffrey Beene): This masculine scent possesses a blend of lemon, orange, violet, cinnamon and rose.  Accompanied by woody notes of oak and sandalwood.

J’ADORE (Christian Dior):   Base notes of floral orchids, violets, rose and blackberry musk.

LOLA (Marc Jacobs):  a bouquet of bright florals and a soft vanilla finish.

VIRGIN ISLAND WATER (Creed):  It’s a lime and coconut cocktail drenched in rum liquor, with a touch of suntan lotion.  

FLOWERBOMB (Viktor & Rolf type): With notes of tea, bergamot, sambac jasmine, orange tree, catleya orchid,  freesia, rose, and amber, musk, and patchouli. 

I have these scent in perfume body oil. Try one today.

28 Jun '19

What is the Base notes of Perfume?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

The Base notes is the part of the perfume that you continue to smell after the other part, which is the top note and middle notes, have evaporated

The Base note is mixed with the other notes but during the dry-down time you only smell the Base.

Some Base notes are vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, amber, patchouli and oakmoss. 

It takes all of the notes to make a scent appealing.

This is how the Body Oil work, too.

You wear it on your skin and when it dry you can get a scent that is all your own.

Because Body Oil works with the chemistry of your body.


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