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11 Jun '15

More scents that you are looking for.

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

If you like Light Multi Floral try

Aqua Di Gio, Green Tea, China Rain, Oriental Noir, L'Air Du Temps, Pleasures, Tommy Girl

If you like Light Floral with Fruits try

Angel, Cool Water

If you like Earthy Scent try

Patchouli, Amber, Egyptian Musk,African Musk,Egyptian Sandalwood, Sudanese Frankincense, Kush

If you like Vanilla try

Nubian Musk, Obsession Arabian Sandalwood

If you like soft, Yet full Bodied scents try

Baby Powder, Kush, Joop, White Diamonds

07 Jun '15

Do you know what scent you are looking for?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

We recommend these scent for these types.

For a little spice try

Sudanese Frankincense, Opium, Aromatic Elixar, Donna Karan

If you like Musk try

China Rain, Night Queen and any Musk we list.

If you like Fresh Citrus Scents try

Pleasures, CK-1, Issey Miyake, Curve, Chrome, Cool Water, Obsession, Polo Sport

If you like Heavy Multi-Florals try

Eternity, Wings, White Linen, Escape, Blue Nile

These are all listed here on this site.  Thanks for reading this and leave a comment.

07 Jun '15

What is the shelf life of your oils?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

What is the shelf life of your oils?

Have you ever noticed how perfume sprays evaporate over time when it is not used.

With body oils, you will not have this problem because there is no alcohol content.

Body oils can last for years and over the life of the oil it matures which means that the oil's scent becomes much stronger and richer.

03 Jun '15

Why should I buy oils rather than the actual spray perfumes/colognes from department stores?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

Why should I buy oils rather than the actual spray perfumes/colognes from department stores?

Buying body oils will save you money which you can use for other things. Designer perfumes/colognes can be very expensive and the cost can be up to hundreds of

dollars and depending on the brand it can cost more. You are essentially paying for the designer name and the beautifully crafted bottles.

With body oils, you are saving money but also you are getting a product that lasts long and doesn't wear off like those spray perfumes which are more alcohol than fragrance.

26 May '15

Do your oils smell like the originals?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill in copy, fake, original, perfume body oil, quality, smell, trademark

Do your oils smell like the originals?

They are as close to the originals as possible and may be a little stronger due to the fact that fragrance oils have no alcohol content.

When you wear the designer type body oils, no one will be able to tell the difference from the actual perfume/cologne spray.

They are a nice alternative to the originals. However, our oils are not in anyway affiliated with the original fragrances and

we do not claim that our oils are the originals but are to be compared to the original scents.

Usually last longer because there is no alcohol to evaporate, very concentrated.