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26 Apr '16

How do I wear the perfume body oils?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

How do I wear the body oils that come in the roll-on bottles?

The way you would wear the body oils is by applying the rollerball of the bottle to the pulsating points on your body.

Once the oil is applied, then rub it into your skin which will give your skin a silky smooth feel and not that oily feel.

Women can apply the oil to their wrist, the neck behind the ears, inside the elbows, behind your knees, cleavage area or simply rub all over your body.

Men can apply to their neck, wrist, inside elbows, or apply to hands and rub all over your body.

The oils work best when applied to your body after a bath or shower.

These premium body oils are not meant to be applied to your clothing items.


26 Apr '16

Do the oils last all day?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

Do your oils last all day?

Usually these oils last all day.  There may be exceptions depending on your body chemistry.

Body oils last all day on the skin because there is no alcohol in the body oil.

Perfume sprays and colognes are filled with alcohol which tend to evaporate over a short period of time whereas body oils

actually absorb into your skin pores thus giving you that lasting scent of your favorite fragrance all day.

Keep in mind that a little bit of body oil can go a long way.

Even though your nose may become immune to the scent at days end, other people will still be able to notice the fragrance that you are wearing.

That is the main reason fragrances are worn.

02 Mar '16

Are there other uses of the Body Oil?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

What are other uses of your body oils besides wearing them?

The primary use of body oils would be to wear them but people often have other uses for the body oils.

You can add a little to your bath water, add a few drops to unscented lotion, burn in oil burners, etc.

Keep in mind, these body oils will smell so good that you probably will only want to wear them but you can use the oils however you choose.

If burning oils is your desire, then use these oils.   

07 Jul '15

Can you get discontinued or special oils?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

Can you get a certain fragrance if it is not listed on your site?

Yes. If you don't see a certain fragrance in the product listings, then contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Whether it is a new fragrance or a discontinued, we will do our best to get it for you.

Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that your request will be filled.