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26 Apr '16

How do I wear the perfume body oils?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

How do I wear the body oils that come in the roll-on bottles?

The way you would wear the body oils is by applying the rollerball of the bottle to the pulsating points on your body.

Once the oil is applied, then rub it into your skin which will give your skin a silky smooth feel and not that oily feel.

Women can apply the oil to their wrist, the neck behind the ears, inside the elbows, behind your knees, cleavage area or simply rub all over your body.

Men can apply to their neck, wrist, inside elbows, or apply to hands and rub all over your body.

The oils work best when applied to your body after a bath or shower.

These premium body oils are not meant to be applied to your clothing items.




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