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07 Jun '15

Do you know what scent you are looking for?

Posted by Gwendolyn McGill

We recommend these scent for these types.

For a little spice try

Sudanese Frankincense, Opium, Aromatic Elixar, Donna Karan

If you like Musk try

China Rain, Night Queen and any Musk we list.

If you like Fresh Citrus Scents try

Pleasures, CK-1, Issey Miyake, Curve, Chrome, Cool Water, Obsession, Polo Sport

If you like Heavy Multi-Florals try

Eternity, Wings, White Linen, Escape, Blue Nile

These are all listed here on this site.  Thanks for reading this and leave a comment.

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Do you carry Gap OM?

Posted by Alicia on October 28, 2018

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