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Black Woman women Perfume Body Oil 1/3 oz (1)

Black Woman women Perfume Body Oil 1/3 oz (1)

$ 6.50

As a body oil expert, I present to you our Black Woman Perfume Body Oil. This delicate blend of lush florals, citrus, sandalwood, and musk creates a warm and elegant fragrance for women. With a subtle hint of musk, this scent is feminine and unforgettable. Experience the benefits of a long-lasting and sophisticated scent.

One drop for all day fragrance.

Perfum -"Per Fumum" Latin meaning "through the smoke". In ancient times, fragrant resins were burned as incense offerings. That was the origin. Today, we understand perfume to be a solution containing 30 % to 15% perfume oil and 70% to 85% alcohol, respectively. What happened to perfumes between the origin and today? What is the secret? OIL. The answer is oil-based perfumes. If you’ll think back through history, some of the precious gifts of Kings, Queen and other nobility were perfume oils. Even Jesus was brought oils of frankincense and myrrh. Understand that oil penetrates any porous material (e.g. paper, wood, hair, skin, etc.); therefore, oil-based perfumes will penetrate the skin, causing the fragrance to stay. Alcohol is a drying agent. Alcohol dries (evaporates) from the most porous material within a short period of time