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Allure women Perfume Body Oil 1/3 oz. (1)

Allure women Perfume Body Oil 1/3 oz. (1)

$ 6.50

Infuse yourself with the subtle scent of Allure women perfume with this 1/3 oz body oil. Enjoy a long-lasting fragrance that is sure to turn heads, all while feeling the luxurious body oil nourish and hydrate your skin.

One drop for all day fragrance.

Fresh and citrusy at the beginning, it opens in lavishing floral heart to wooden and vanilla nuances and leaves lingering and fickle scent.

Fresh: lemon and bergamot
Fruity: mandarin and peach
Classical floral: the rose of May, jasmine, water lily, peony, magnolia, orange blossom
Woody: sandalwood and vetiver
Oriental: vanilla
The perfume was created in 1996.


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