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Anais Anais women Perfume Body Oil 1/3 oz. (1)

Anais Anais women Perfume Body Oil 1/3 oz. (1)

$ 6.50

Experience the timeless scent of Anais Anais women perfume body oil in a convenient 1/3 oz. size. With its floral and fruity notes, this scent will linger for hours. It is perfect for layering or use on its own for a subtle but unmistakable fragrance.

One drop for all day fragrance.

created in 1978. Anais Anais is a ultra-feminine fresh, rich and romantic bouquet of flowers. Transparent orange blossom with heady hyacinth open the composition. The intensive floral heart blends sweet rose, delicate white lily and magical jasmine. The base is composed of comforting amber, warm sandalwood with a tender touch of misterious incense.


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